Serial Number? What's the email subject or whos it from?

I paid for the pro version awhile back, and the download page says to search unity or for an email if you bought it on this site. Anyone know what words I can try and search for that are in the email or subject to find it? I’ve tried looking for it with no luck. Who’s the email from or something I can find it with.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click your profile icon > order history
  3. Find the purchase that you bought the pro version
  4. The 'Order Id' is the number that you’re looking for
  5. Plug that in to the download page and you should be able to download the asset.
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I bought it through this site a year or so ago. Not Unity Asset Store.

Ah, gotcha. When I had to look through my emails, I tried the following search keywords to find it:

  • aron
  • granberg
  • pathfinding
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