Serach way at more then 1 graph at same time

Good day for you. I have some problem when i try to find way on this map , where 1, 2 and 3 it’s a number of grid graphs, red circle it’s a my AI unit and green square - target. But when i lunch game i have this message: “Couldn’t find close nodes to either the start or the end (start = True end = False)”. So, can I somehow search way on more than 1 graph at same time< and if yes, can you give me some example please?

The url for the image you linked to is a local path for a Windows computer, the server this webpage is hosted on is running linux and even so, I doubt that it has your screenshot stored. Please upload your image to some image hosting service.

Yep, i see that, but you answered faster then i upload my image+)

You should be looking into linking of graphs. Currently your graphs are not linked, this results in that the pathfinder does not know how to travel between the graphs.
There are several ways to do that currently since I am slowly reworking the way links should be made.

  1. Using links in the A* Inspector. Click on a game Object with an AstarPath component, open the Links tab and check the Edit Links toggle. Scan the graph if you have not already done so. Now you can shift click in the scene view to link different nodes to each other so that a unit will be able to traverse the link between the graphs.

  2. Using NodeLink object. Create two GameObjects, or use two existing. Place them around the position of two nodes you want to link, click Menubar -> Edit -> Pathfinding -> Link Pair (or alt+cmd+L shortcut). This will attach a NodeLink component to one of the GameObjects and reference the other GameObject. When scanning, a link will be created between the two closest nodes to those GameObjects.

Maybe your image was only a simple example, but otherwise you could just add a larger graph which covers the whole scene to make it easier for you.