Seekers go backwards on mobile PointGraph

Hi All,

The Seeker will go backwards away from destination, then move forward, then move backwards again for
several cycles until it reaches destination.

Same code for PC build and Android build.
It use to happen on PC builds but can only duplicate on Android device now.
Seems to happen with large graphs, multiple seekers( only 8 in scene ), and really slow performance issues that maybe due to graphics on the mobile.

Looking for advice how to debug. Don’t know how to step through code on Android.



This is likely because the path calculation latency is so high that the characters get confused.
Try to improve the performance of the pathfinding by changing settings.

  • Enable multithreading
  • Reduce graph size
  • Reduce the path recalculation rate (often called ‘repath rate’). This will however only matter if the system is calculating more than one path most of the time.

You can also try to tweak the Pick Next Waypoint Distance (or similarly named fields) on the movement scripts you are using.