Seekers and Local Avoidance with RVO

I bought the pro version of this product a while back and I can’t seem to find out how to use the Local Avoidance with the Seeker component. The way my movement works is that I start a path with Seeker.StartPath(path, onPathComplete), once the path is done i move towards each waypoint until I reach the end. How can I incorporate Local Avoidance with this. Looking at the example projects I can’t tell how I’m supposed to use this. The examples show a bunch of other components necessary but I like to have more control over my objects. I would like to continue manually controlling pathing but with the added local avoidance, how can I do this?


Sorry for the late answer.
The RVOController component has a small snippet of code that shows you how to integrate it with a custom movement script:

The built-in movement scripts use code that is a bit more advanced than that, you can look at how for example the AIPath script uses the RVOController to see how it does it.