Seeker.StartPath moving all units in the scene problem

Hello, i just cant figure out how to create an individual path for a selected unit on my scene, when i call seeker.StartPath (GetFeetPosition(), NewPosition); on my selected unit it creates a path for all unit in the scene with the same destination, i just want to create a path for one unit that i selected i just cant made this to work. Thank you.

How exactly have you configured your characters?
Calling seeker.StartPath will only create a single path request for that particular seeker.

Thank you, just using seeker.starpath solve my problem. Now how you recommend me this, sometimes i need to follow another character, should i use multiple times starpath to update the character destination? Or there is another way to do it?


What the included movement script do (e.g AIPath) is that they take a Transform as the target, then they recalculate the target every 0.5 seconds or so (configurable). If the target transform is set to another character, it would follow that character.