Seeker is jumping through obstacle


I’ve just started setting up the pathfinding and ran into an issue. For some reason, sometimes bots are jumping over obstacles marked as colliders (i.e. walls) in order to get to the target when I block the entrance to the room with an obstacle (i. e. benches). The IsPathPossible function also returns true in this case, so I’m not sure what exactly I should do to prevent it.
I know why the bot is teleporting, it’s an issue on my side, but why is the IsPathPossible function returning “true” in this case? Looks like the system still perceives the path as possible even if there’s a 1-tile obstacle on it. In my understanding the bot shouldn’t be able to find a path to the target in this case. I’m using AILerp and Seeker scripts for the bot and Grid Graph for the pathfinding.
Here is one of the examples. The white square is the bot:

Here are the settings for my Grid Graph:

I can’t increase the node size or the obstacle size because otherwise the bot won’t fit through the door which is 1 tile only. What should I do? Thank you in advance!

Alright, for everyone as dumb as me - I figured it out. The UpdateGraph process is not instant, you have to wait a couple of frames for it to finish before proceeding with your code.

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You can also call to force updates to complete immediately.