Seeker is ignoring Obstacles error

I’m trying to plan a path between the character and the target point but the seeker is not detecting that is not possible path to the target destination and it’s showing no errors.

the answered path is not marking the error for those calculation:

here is my code:

 _seeker.StartPath(_genericCharacter.GetGameObject().transform.position, targetPosition, path =>
                var isFirst = true;
                Debug.Log("path.error=" + path.error);
                foreach (var graphNode in path.path)
                    if (isFirst)
                        isFirst = false;

                    var walkPoint = Instantiate(walkPointPrefab);
                    var v3 = (Vector3)graphNode.position;
                    walkPoint.transform.position = new Vector3(v3.x, 0.3f, v3.z);

I think I found the answer, I should first validate if there is a possible Path between the start and the end node with:

var isPathPossible = PathUtilities.IsPathPossible(startNode, targetNode);

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