Seeker doesn't find accurate path on recast graph

Hi to everyone! And first of all I’m sorry for my English )

I ask seeker to find path with end point marked by a grey sphere on the screenshot.
The straight path is drawn by pink line on the screenshot.
The path found by the seeker is drawn by green line on the screenshot.
I don’t know why, but seeker doesn’t find the accurate enough path: the end point of that path is quite away from the desired position. What’s wrong?

PS. Yes, I know I should use funnel modifiers and etc - I’ll do it a bit later )

And even if I move the end point position around the path never reaches it - it seems like it is scared of small triangles, but why?
Seems like I don’t get something and it’s simple


Would you mind changing your A* Inspector → Settings → Graph Coloring mode to Areas and sending another screenshot?

wow, cool, seems like those are different areas unreachable one from another, right?
but why? )

Hmm. Unclear. Which version of the package are you using?
Could you show a screenshot of your graph settings?

current version is 4.2.15


Could you try changing the walkable climb to a value greater than 0? It might detect that it needs to climb some tiny amount to get to those inner tiles (like 0.01 meters or something).

Yes, it helped!
thanks a lot!

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