Search Path AI Lerp Performance

Hi! I am having some performance issue regarding the SearchPath in AILerp. I’m using the 4.2.18 pro version. In 100+ agents, the fps drops from 144 to around 60-70 fps whenever I call the SearchPath in all the agents simultaneously. I’m using the multithread system of the project. I don’t know why it drops because it is not supposed to be since it is multithreaded. We are using Grid Graph with around 200k nodes and no modifiers. I was wondering if you can give any insight as to why this happens.

This is what our settings looks like.

Upon further investigation, the fps drop is caused by the PathProcessor > CalculatePathsThreaded due to setting the heuristic scale to 0.5. When I brought the value back to 1, the drop was gone. But it is still weird that the CalculatePathsThreaded causes fps drops when it is being done in other threads. Do you know why? Could you enlighten me please?

If all cores on your machine are busy calculating paths, then this can cause the main thread to get less cpu-time (even just temperature throttling can cause this). And yeah, setting the heuristic scale to 0.5 will mostly just make the search less efficient and take significantly longer.