Script Gizmo Toggle not working with URP?

Hi, I think I found a bug regarding the script gizmo toggle.

I noticed it in my own game scene first but then tested with the demo scenes, if I toggle an aline script either on or off doesn’t seem to do anything, take a look:

You can see the gizmos being drawn when the scripts are toggled ON.

Now I unchecked them and they are still being drawn.

I tested with the legacy render pipeline and the toggle works fine there, so this may be urp related.

If I click on the Gizmos button it works as expected

The problem is with the individual scripts.

I’m using:

ALINE: 1.6.4
URP: 12.1.11
Unity: 2021.3.24f1 (on windows 10)

I know this is a minor annoyance but I’m working on a strategy game and there’s a f*cking ton of lines being drawn lol, can you point me out where I can start taking a look? I’m not familiar with editor scripts but I’d like to try to fix this on my own.


Sadly, in version 2021 and below, trying to access the gizmo toggle state when using a render pipeline occasionally causes Unity to crash, so I had to disable it. You can upgrade to Unity 2022.1 or later and it will work as intended.

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aahhh I see, thanks for your answer!