Saving graph data

I bought your wonderful plugin. A little experiment I have a question.
In my game I dynamically create a maze of pieces(68 pieces in 68 prefabs). Each piece is a grid of 100 by 100.
I used to use Apex Path and it was a great feature, save “GridGraph” in prefab.
After watching the demo scene, I saw that it is possible to store information in binary text files. And there is support for multiple Grpah.
But I could not understand whether it is possible to collect pieces of the maze and build anew Graph.

Type text or a website address or translate a document.
Ie I want to create a maze of pieces (100x100) size 5x5 pieces(500x500)
Also in the runtime I will remove some pieces and add new ones.
My question is whether I like it to download information about each piece of the graph “BinaryTxt” (or prefab etc). Without rebuilding all Graphs at run time.

I understand that I could just add some obstacles and then recalculate the Graph like in scene “Procedural”. But i think is so slow?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.


You cannot piece together multiple smaller graphs like that unfortunately.
If you really need it to be fast (grid scanning isn’t that slow, maybe 100-200 ms depending on the graph size, of course you cannot run the game at a high fps while doing this, but if there is a loading screen a user initiated action, it will probably not be a large problem), you can store the nodes Walkable flag in a boolean array or something and then apply that to the graph.

var graph =;
var nodes = graph.nodes;
for (each node that you want to update) {
node.Walkable = some Value;

// Update all connections
for (all nodes) {
graph.CalculateConnections (…);

// Needed for pathfinding to work ();

Check how the procedural grid updater script does it for some hints.