RVOSquare Obstacle off center?

So I am putting RVOSquare Obstacles on all of my buildings over a Recast Mesh. Strange thing is that the center of the square boxes seem to randomly go towards one of the exterior walls of the mesh instead of the center. Ultimately, this is preventing me from making a centered box surrounding the building.

I figure I have to be missing something simple here…How do I get the RVOSquare Obstacle to center on the gameobject it is on?

Also, as a side question, the height modifier is not visually doing anything - is that just setting a climb height?


Could you post a screenshot of this?

Yeah, the gizmos for it are not perfect. It needs to be there so that scenes with multiple levels can decide if the obstacle should be taken into account or not depending on the agent’s Y coordinate.

Here you go Aron!

I’m assuming this will be a quick fix via a little script tweaking, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious before doing so.

Thank you!

BTW - got 100+ units spawning and then pathfinding using RVO last night with only a 1-2 FPS hit… just awesome. My wife gave me one of those looks like, “Ok now… settle down…” haha!

Well… Daniels quick fix for this is to put it in a child object :slight_smile:

That way you can continue working until Aaron’s all powerful brain sorts this one out

ah, that is a simple quick fix - I hope Burdock is on the payroll here… :wink:

I think the problem is that you are using “Center” instead of “Pivot”.
The obstacle centers around the pivot, not around the center (I am not even sure how unity defines “center”, possibly center of the bounding box).