RVOcontroller and FixedUpdate movements?

Hey guys,

(Long Q)
I’ve been doing a lot of research, I bought the a* pathfinder and Ive read into alot of the documentation and code. However Im not the best programmer and I am stuck.

I want the RVOcontroller / RichAI to be able to land on the target location exactly. To do this I know that if you run movement on a FixedUpdate you can determine its speed and distance. If the distance is less then the next movement then he ends on the precise position.

As far as I know this is the best way to do an RTS for multiplayer due to the determined floating points, It’ll also help me with my other Issue of stoping precisely a distance away from another unit.

(Short Q)
Is it possible to move the RVOcontroller on a FixedUpdate and where do I start? Will the path end location need to be placed in the RVOcontroller so it knows where to stop?

Thanx in advance,