RVOController & CapsuleCollider issue

Hello I need to keep a capsule collider on my RVO Agent, Aron gave 2 solutions :

-1 Remove it completely well I can’t 'cause I need it for my NGUI OnHover Functions & Targeting with mouse raycasts.

-2 Keep it but put the agent in a Layer for me it’s “RVO Agent” then go to RVO Component and set the mask to Ignore this Layer I did it this way and no result the agent is still if the capsule is enabled if disabled everything works fine.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Happy new year folks. TIA.
This is an intuitive question never asked before so please don’t remove it it may help other people.

EDIT : Still doesn’t work : Problem Unsolved yet

Hi I am looking for this answer as well.

email me I found a work around to make it work : evilcool25@gmail.com
I’m leaving this topic open hoping that someone drops a real solution to the problem.


Can you try (2) and set it to be a trigger only? Also make sure that Project Settings -> Physics -> Raycast Hits Triggers is enabled.