RVO2 licensing

As the free version of A* pathfinding project does not include the local avoidance module, I can presumably not compare the local avoidance code to the RVO2 library which is why I am curious as to whether the ORCA algorithm is:

  1. Re-implemented (and does not require a license?) Is this btw, a viable avoidance to licensing the RVO2 library and other implementations of algorithms jointly provided by copyrighted libraries in general?
  2. The A* pathfinding project has resolved licensing issues (OEM style license?)
  3. A RVO2 commercial license is necessary to use local avoidance of A* pathfinding project.


The local avoidance library is re-implemented with quite large changes, the main reason I chose to reimplement it was that I have not been able to contact the authors of the RVO2 library (I have sent emails asking about licensing), so I could not use their C# library because of not getting a commercial license. So while I am no expert in licensing, this seemed like an ok path to take. As far as I understand a RVO2 commercial license would not be required, but as said, I am no expert on licenses.