A* Pathfinding Project

RVO2 library is now Apache-licensed. Can it be re-integrated?


Hey, I imagine you’ve seen this already - can’t find anything on the forum or elsewhere though so I’ll ask! The RVO2 library is now licensed under Apache 2.0 (Since May 4th 2016). Is there any chance of getting it re-integrated into the project?


Huh, I had not seen that. Interesting.

Maybe I will at some point. However the current local avoidance algorithm (based on RVO) is also pretty good (RVO2 is a bit faster though, and it properly supports making sure agents stay [radius] units away from obstacles, not just that their center does not overlap) so I’m not sure if it is worth the effort. Is there anything that you feel that the current system does significantly worse than the RVO2 library?


Not significantly, no - but comparing the two, RVO2 does seem to behave a bit more sensibly under stress. Your algorithm seems to make crowds noticeably swirl in a clockwise direction in very crowded areas. And it feels like agents collide slightly less often with RVO2, making movement look a bit smoother (that’s just subjective of course - crowds in reality don’t look as smooth!).

There’s no rush - I’ve got an implementation here that’s (almost) working, I just thought it would be interesting to see your take on an integration! (interpolation is such a pain!)