RVO Unity


I need to set up a demo for a project. My IA is very basic: I have a char and two enemy. Player can choose a destination for char and the char will go there but need to avoid (simple collision avoidance) the enemies and enemies will chase him, avoiding each other. I trying to integrate RVO Unity but It’s not an easy task. If I could, I will have waited for the A*PP new version but I need a working demo fast (even not optimized). Any tips? the RVO lacking of documentation is not helping me out . . .


if you have purchased the pro version of the A* Pathfinding Project, I could give you access to the current development version (which is stable enough). It has RVO working with optimizations such as multithreading and double buffering (rvo units calculating the next step while the rest of the game code is running, instead of just parallelizing the computation).

I’have the free version, if you can assure that stable development will be free and unity 4.0 will be supported I will buy right away :smiley:

Unity 4.0 is already working, a few minor glitches in the GUI, but nothing hindering it from working (afaik at least, if you find anything, please tell me). People who buy the pro version will have free updates for at least all 3.x versions (at 3.1.4 right now, so it will not switch to version 4.0 in the near future at least).

I will buy it then :smiley: thanks for your amazing job!

Great, PM me with your email so I can send you the development version.

Not sure if you have PM:d me yet, but just to let you know, I have not gotten any PM. Just in case you thought you were waiting for my response if for some reason the PM or email was lost in cyberspace.

Hi Aron.

DId you get my pm regarding about preview rvo?

Yep, sent you an email