RVO + Rich AI causes Abnormal Speed Fluctuations (4.3.61 Beta)


I am using Unity 2021.2.16f1 (LTS) and also A* Pathfinding Project v4.3.61.

Earlier today, I upgraded from A* Pathfinding Project v4.2.18 to the beta. I am currently using RichAI + RVO on a recast graph. Unlike in 4.2.18, I have found that the RVO controller causes abnormal speed fluctuations as well as clunky movement behavior when navigating around obstacles in the graph. When I disabled the RVO Simulator, the agents movement returned to it’s normal behavior, minus the local avoidance aspect. I have attached a GIF below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Update: Narrowed it down a bit, it seems like this issue occurs with AIPath as well. I’m guessing this is moreso an RVO issue.

Update: Part of the weird behavior was due to the RVO controller’s Obstacle Time Horizon being accidentally set really high but from what I can tell, it merely accentuated the odd RVO behavior as opposed to being the root cause of it.

Note: Deleted my reply below as I found that the issue did exist within older versions.