RVO Navmesh not functioning correctly?


I’m a little confused here, as all of the enemies in my scene do function with regular RVO simulations, but they seem to ‘break’ when I add the RVO Navmesh to an empty GameObject. Here’s a video: https://youtu.be/GYO-6YAiC54
I activate the generation with the Space key just to show the difference, you’ll see when all the enemies slow down is when I generate the navmesh obstacles. Any help is very much appreciated!

Mike Scornavacca


This might happen if you have the ‘Obstacle Time Horizon’ setting on the RVOController set too high. If that field is set to N seconds, that means the character will try to make sure it does not hit a wall if it would continue with its current velocity for N seconds. However in a narrow corridor you will hit a wall pretty soon regardless of the direction you take, so the character will have to slow down a lot.
Try to reduce that setting and see if it helps.