RVO agent not moving in beta

Hello, I’m tryining RVO with latest beta both demo works well, but here is my simple test setup. basically 25 units trying to move to their target but only last few agents move and first row agents stop their movement, Can you tell me what exactly is wrong


Are you using a custom movement script for these?

@aron_granberg No, Im using AIPath with it. Is there any way I can send you sample asset(mail Id?) As I cant upload it anywhere and post link as it contains A* files in it

Nevermind I will pm you.

@aron_granberg Did I send you message yesterday, Sorry but I forgot if I did that or not.

Hello @aron_granberg by any chance you managed to look into the issue ?
Edit: I tested it with latest beta but it didn’t work but it worked in 4.2.15. But Im using non gameobject workflow and unit count is bigger so burst and job system is must that’s why I cant use 4.2.15 please look into it and let me know

This is how it behaves in 4.2.15
This is how it behaves in beta
ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)
There’s np custom movement both use AIPath also grid graph is used. Agent count is 100

Hi, I figured out the issue, It was due to stop when crowded option selected. But shouldn’t RVO agents who are at edge of blob should move as there is empty space