RVO agent approachs other rvoagents

Here is the video:文件分享

I use recast graph to build simple scene and there are two rvoagents(RichAI with RVO enabled). I use the keyboard to control one and the other is still. When I approach the stationary rvoagent, my moving direction will shake. I guess my moving direction is consistent with the connecting line of the two rvoagents. Rvoagent doesn’t know whether it should go up or down to bypass the stationary agent. If my speed direction is not parallel to the center line of the two rvoagents, I find that it works well。

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Can anyone offer some advice :rofl:


Do you think you could try the beta version: A* Pathfinding Project

I found the beta version requires Unity 2020.2.2f1 or Higher. My unity version is 2019. I can’t use this version. Can you help to solve this problem in version 4.2? I guess the RVO algorithm only considers the optimal solution without considering the speed of the previous frame. Would it be better if it was taken into account?

i have same issues…using the RVO system on the release version

I would recommend using the beta version. I think it handles this case better. There have been large internal changes to the RVO system that are unfortunately not easy to backport to 4.2.