RVO 3.5.1 AIPath + RVOController not working

The enemy is colliding with each other and when this happen, one of these stop in his position and the other enemy continue without problem.
The error is:
transform.position assign attempt for ‘Abrams5’ is not valid. Input position is { NaN, 0.000000, NaN }.
Pathfinding.RVO.RVOController:Update() (at Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/RVO/RVOController.cs:335)

When this error occured, the Debug.Log(rvoAgent.InterpolatedPosition) show the same coordenate { NaN, 0.000000, NaN }.

What’s happen? What i have to do?

In enemy i have AIPath.cs, RVOController and Seeker.cs.
In --A (Gameobject) i have AstarPath.cs and RVOSimulator.cs

In AIPath.cs, i see…
if ( rvoController != null ) rvoController.enableRotation = false;
What this code actually do?
if rvoController.enableRotation = false, will RVOCOntroller is going to work? will enemys is going to colliding each other or i’m wrong?

Sorry for my english, Thanks.