Running ALINE from ISystem?

My system needs to be burst compiled, so I want to implement the ISystem interface instead of inheriting from SystemBase.
However, this seemingly makes constructing a CommandBuilder impossible.
I can’t get it like this: DrawingManager.GetBuilder(renderInGame: true); and I didn’t see anything on the docs for constructing a CommandBuilder myself.
Do I need to put it on some misc. Component on some misc. Entity?
That’s something I could probably initialize via an Authoring MonoBehaviour, but I can’t image that’s the only way.


This is not possible at the moment, I’m afraid.
If Unity allowed accessing the current thread index easily in burst jobs from a static variable, it would be pretty easy. However, Unity does not. So a bunch of workarounds would have to be done to get it to work.
I’d rather not allow users to pass in arbitrary thread ids, as that would be extremely memory-unsafe.
You can get a builder inside a system, but you cannot get it from a bursted system.
Usually this is not a problem, though, since systems shouldn’t be doing heavy work anyway.