RTS demo release date

Hi there Aron,

I’ve been working on an RTS project like Command&Conquer style. I was wondering when will you be able to complete RTS demo and I was also wondering is it possible you to share source of AIBase?

If not, how may I make similiar behavior like,

  • If a car’s destination is on it’s backwards and it is in close proximity, I want the car to go backwards only.
  • Again if a car’s destination is on it’s backwards and it is in a far proximity, I want the car to first go backwards like a real car, turn around and face the target direction like a real car, then go to it’s destination.

On rich AI there “Slow when not facing” and “Prevent going backwards” makes something similiar to a car’s forward movement, but I need the behavior for backwards also.

It is possible to do this with A*, since A* chooses the closest and cheapest path, the cheapest path should be going backwards first for example.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there Aron,

I really need your help, I would like to modify richAI but it seems quite unpossible since most of it’s methods are inherited from AIBase

I’ve also seen some more posts about moving backwards, but they were all unresolved :frowning:

@aron_granberg I managed to create asmref file from the package and now I can swim through scripts but I still don’t see how may I execute the behavior I need. I reaally need your help :’(


Car pathfinding, requiring them to go backwards and turn, etc. is not something that is covered by this package. However, I can recommend the chapter Postprocessing For High Quality Turns from the book AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 which deals with exactly this topic.

Thanks for the reply! I’m going to check that out!