Rotation Speed in Unity when time scale is high

Hi Aron,

For the game I’m making the maximum unity timescale 16.0f. With that timescale the character never reaches it’s garget, it circles around it. If i set the rotation speed to something very high like 10000 then it works with high timescales.

I’ve not investigated the code yet but it appears that the turn speed is not scaled with timescale.

Is this a known issue?



When using a time scale of 16 the movement scripts will try to move and rotate 16 times as much every frame, which may cause a lot of overshooting and other weird behavior.
To get a good and stable behavior you need to use sub-stepping.

Take a look at this post which shows how to do this: RichAI + Recast Graph falls though terrain


Thanks, will give it a go.