Rigidbody2D Top-Down Movement


We are currently trying to implement scripts such as AILerp but by using a Rigidbody2D and velocity to move the AI. Everything seems to work fine until it seems like the current node is essentially outrunning the agent, so the Agent cannot effectively keep track of where it’s next position is supposed to be.

Anyone has this issue?

Thank you.

Project E.X.E


The AILerp script isn’t really suited for physics based movement. I think it would be better if you based it on the AIPath script or the example script that is written in the get started tutorial.

On the stock AILerp script, we made it so that the nextPos is fed into the rigidBody2D.MovePosition function. Everything works fine except that it’s really not smooth, but if we try to Lerp it, it suddenly stops following the path properly. Any tips?

Thank you.

As stated, AILerp isn’t for physics-baseb motion.