RichAI Velocity


I am using the base RichAI, with a Recast graph and I am at a loss. Using the same setup across the board, if I try and get the AI to move to a position with no run animation, its fine. However, once the run animation starts, it begins going weird. The animation has no root motion and has given no troubles in the navmesh/manual ai movement/rigidbody steering system so I am not sure why this animation is not playing nice with the RichAI.

Essentially, the AI reaches the target destination but it never stops receiving velocity … and not just a little, like .3-.5 magnitude worth (which in turn is triggering the animation to play because its over the 0.25 threshold).

Everything is default on the AI except the radius, which is 0.3

This is in idle, right on play (pause on 1st frame)

The frame where the agent should have arrived:

Because the velocity magnitude is > 0.2 , the animation went to idle (as it should have). but the very next frame:

magnitude is up to 6! so we que run animation, and this goes back and forth forever

Any help/pointers/tips would be greatly appreciated!

Still don’t know the root cause of this, but moving the animator into a sub-object instead of the same level as the RichAI resolved the issue.

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