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RichAi turns back or stucks on the smaller nodes

When RichAi agent navigate through small nodes turns back to the visited node very often (sometimes stucks for a while). Check the video and components settings (it’s very basic).
My thoutgs:

  • it doesn’t relate to walls (with smaller tiles it can happen event on open space)
  • it relates to speed movement of the agent (higher speed causes mess)
  • funnel simplification has no impact here
  • it doesn’t relate to the path calculation (I set path re-calculation to 5s to test so no path is calculated pending movement)
  • I’ve tried to dig into the code a little bit and looks like Corridor in RichPath can cause that (not sure here)

I’ve tried use WallDistance/Force but doesn’t work at all. What I missed? In tight passages avoiding walls still wouldn’t help anyway. I can set larger tiles but small triangles can be generated. I use navmesh cut and “no tile” option seems like a bad idea.

It’s pretty annoying in general. I found similar topics on the forum but no solution. Does anyone have any idea to fix it?

Plugin version: 4.3.47.

I decided to change condition in RichPath.ClampToNavmeshInternal (ref Vector3 position) (where the best node is picking) and check only nodes that belong to a path. It changes RichAi movement somehow for sure but in my case I see no difference. I think a corridor isn’t calculated at all but it solves the issue to me.

if (dist <= bestDistance * 1.05f + 0.001f)
if (dist <= bestDistance * 1.05f + 0.001f && nodes.Contains(node))