RichAI.Steering target isn't right

So I made the switch from AIPath to RichAI

The steering Target for the AIPath seems to actually be along the greenpath.

For the RichAInextWaypoint is marked obsolete but to use SteeringTarget instead
The steeringTarget for the RichAI is simply the endDestination? Not a point along the green path?

How do i get the nextWaypoint out of the green path generated via the RichAi?

Both are correct.

The RichAI agent follows the path as a list of nodes, not a list of points. It finds the most optimal point to move towards that keeps it within those nodes. It’s very similar to the result you would get with AIPath if you attach the FunnelModifier (though a bit more optimized for the RichAI’s use case). Here’s a good overview of the underlaying algorithm:
In this case there is no obstacle between the RichAI and the goal so it simplifies the path down to just moving to the end of the path (the end of the path is also a point that lies on the path).