A* Pathfinding Project

RichAI + RVO Controller and Node2's not working


If the RVO Controller is enabled on the Player, when the Player gets to the Node, it doesn’t trigger the transverse code, if I disable the RVO Controller, it works.

How do I get RVO Controller and Nodes to work?

Steps to reproduce:

Using the navmesh (RichAI) example, I duplicated the scene mesh, side by side and used a Node2 to link them.
Add an RVO Simulator to scene.
Removed CharacterController from Player, added RVO Controller.
Removed NavMeshGraph and added RecastGraph and PointGraph.
Set options so AI works like tags/tick boxes etc.

Edit: Furthest point the Player gets with RVO Controller enabled (see below), if I drag Player towards the center of node in the Scene view, it then triggers.