RichAI rotate, then move?

We have a large number of creatures in our game using Recast, RichAI and RVO. Since we wanted to use RVO, we do animation in a separate component and use LateUpdate to look at the change in motion and then play the animation and set the playback time so that it matches fairly closely to root motion.

So far so good. The problem is when creatures and humans need to turn sharply.

We’d like to do it whereby if the path direction angle dealt to our current one is above X, we only do the rotation with no movement until delta angle is < X. This would allow us to play turn animations until we start moving forward.

Since everything is working so far without modifying anything in A* package, looking for recommendations on best approach.

  1. Set canMove = false until alignment, then set to true.
  2. Set maxSpeed = 0 until alignment, then set to true.
  3. Set updatePosition and updateRotation = false and then call MovementUpdate and FinalizeMovement from outside
  4. Modify RichAI to do what we want.

And one more related question:
If updatePosition and updateRotation are false the doc says calculations happen but aren’t applied to transform. Each frame does it start from the current transform values again and calculate, or does it keep modifying the position and rotation variables cumulatively?