RichAI + Recast Graph + RVO. RTS. Overlapping

Hello dear developer, we bought this pathfinding, it works just well, but we faced troubles with unit stacking and intersection(video related). Is there are any decision to solve it, or increase the position calculation of tanks, to reduce jerking and overlapping?



I would recommend that you try the beta version of the RVO system available here:
It includes some large changes to the RVO system which among other things help to reduce wall penetration and unit intersections. It has also reduced the number of parameters in the RVOSimulator component so it should be easier to configure. There is not that much compatibility code in the beta version however so beware that it may not work out of the box with your current configuration, you may have to change some parameters.

Regarding your review in the Unity Asset Store. The IAgent interface is primarily there to avoid exposing internal methods to users, not to facilitate switching out different Agent implementations. So I do not think it is unreasonable to do a cast like that.

This bug from version (2017-01-12). On the inclined surface of the unit falls outside the NavMesh


The navigation meshes define the surface where the centers of objects can be so from what I can see it looks like that tank has its center on the navmesh and everything looks fine.

That warning is a bit annoying though. Currently the linecast implementation may fail in some cases due to floating point errors. For this case you should be able to ignore it however, it will not impact the movement in any significant way.
I have an entry on my todo list to rewrite that code, but I haven’t gotten to it yet unfortunately.