RichAI path seem to be very off for Recast graph


My first post here. I just started to use the package.

I get a situation when pathfinder chooses long path over short. I hope that screenshots explain the issue. The components used are RichAI and Recast navmesh. RichAI has “Funnel Simplification” turned on.

So as you can see, I do move green target a little, and red capsule start to choose a new, more distant path.

I hope that the issue is easily handled, and it is me, who missed some setting or additional component.

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Hello @aron_granberg ,

Today I picked on of your example scenes. The scene is the 3rd example. It took me less then a minute to verify that in some cases longer path is chosen. I’ve recorded a video. Please take a look.

AI bot chooses longer path


This is due to pathfinding happening on node centers, which may not actually lead to the shortest path.

The beta version has improved this significantly, and paths are much less likely to be suboptimal.