RichAI on stairs

Hey there,

I have a problem but I don’t know what the problem is.

It is my RichAI:


Recast Graph:

If Radius is 0.25 and Height is 0.5 this happens:

It ignores stairs.

But by Radius of 0.5 and Height of 1 it works:

But still it doesn’t work here:

It is those stairs colliders:

And it is the pathfinding mesh:

What should I do for fixing this ?


Sorry for the late answer, I have been away for some time.
It’s a bit hard to see, but it looks like the agent is falling between the steps of the stair.

The agent uses a raycast from the center of the yellow capsule downwards to the ground to figure out its y coordinate. If it was supposed to step up one step, but the step was so high that the center of the agent ended up below the step then it will not be able to detect it. I would suggest that you increase the height of the character. That should solve it.