RichAI not stepping up ledges on Recast graph

As the tittle says! My AI is having a hard time stepping up ledges. Even if the ledge is small, within the walk height/climb of the graph and the graph has the bottom and top of the ledge connected it won’t go up but instead it pushes itself into the wall. If I change the speed of the agent up then it can get over the ledge but that, I am guessing, is because it is ramming into the ledge fast enough to go over (and this is only for really small ledges).

What makes stepping up things possible?


The RichAI supports different kinds of movement, both using e.g. a CharacterController and just a raw Transform. What are you using?

Just the raw Transform. To make it handle steps do I just need to tack on a CharacterController or is there additional setup beyond that?

Also thanks for the quick reply xoxox


A raw transform should handle the step usually, at least if the step is lower than half the character height. It just does a raycast every frame and places itself wherever it hit.

Should that not be happening, are there any other settings I should be aware off?

It’s hard to say. If you can post a video I might be able to spot what’s causing it.