RichAI - how to avoid other AIs?

I’m using RichAI with a navmesh, and my AIs keep getting hung up on each other, or walking into walls because they’re trapped by other AIs trying to walk in the other direction.

I’d really love to find a way to have them re-path and avoid each other somehow, but it seems the local avoidance functionality is disabled due to licensing issues. So what can I do instead?

I can’t really just “teleport” forward, since I could end up inside a wall or other scene object where the AI isn’t supposed to go.

Thanks for any advice.

PS - currently I’m simply having the AIs ignore each other by removing their colliders/controllers, but having their avatars pass through each other doesn’t look the best.

Should I not be using RecastGraph/RichAI? This is my first time trying to use AI of any kind and I don’t really know where to start. It seems nobody is talking about RichAI on the forum.

What is the best way to do simple static-point pathfinding (no following/tracking) for 30 AIs in a 200x200 scene with buildings and other obstacles? Should I just be using a grid instead of a Recast/navmesh?

Did I ask a forbidden question? Why is this unanswered?

I understand there’s a licensing problem with the preferred solution, but what is the recommended workaround? My AIs are acting pretty unintelligently right now.

Still haven´t found any solution? I downloaded the A* Pathfinding Project today, so I haven´t had so much time trying it out yet, but this is one thing that I´ll need soon. Unity´s built-in navigation didn´t seem to have any simple solution for it either.

I´ll probably have to deal with it in about a week when I´ve converted the rest of our code from the original navigation system. But wouldn´t it work to test for distance between the AIs and if they are close enough generate a grid graph to navigate through, manually making sure they do not cross paths? That´s the one idea I have right now at least, I´ll need to try it out later though.