RichAi funnel simplification ignoring non-traversable tags

There is a peculiar behaviour of RichAi, which makes the agent traverse nodes using tag, that Seeker has marked as non-traversable. It only happens when funnel simplification is turned on. Is it a bug or a feature?


Which version are you using?
The beta version does account for traversable tags when simplifying the path, however I’m not sure if that change has made it to the non-beta version.

The latest asset store version: 4.2.15

Okay. If you upgrade to the beta version I think the issue will be resolved.

Thanks, it did. There is one thing though, that changed between the versions. Probably should start another topic about it, but an agent after arriving at the target and calling OnTargetReached still rotates after that for a second or so, making it jitter if my behaviour tree tries to rotate it after that as well. If I disable rotation at that point, everything is ok, but it gets quite tedious to manage this flag at all the time. Could there be a more systematic approach to that?


You can reduce the ‘end reached distance’ which will make it call OnTargetReached later.
I would however recommend that you use the newer ai.reachedDestination property as it handles edge cases better.


I tried reducing the End Reached Distance, to as low as 0.001 (further down it isn’t able to reach the spot at all). The callback seemed to be a better choice, as it doesn’t require polling the state every frame, but I tried it and the problem persists.