RichAI Funnel Simplification does not seem to work and causes StackOverflowException

So, I tried the different settings for the RichAI FunnelSimplification and none of them seem to produce a result other than RecursiveTrinary which causes a StackOverflowException.

I can attach a Funnel Modifier component and it will affect the path but the funnel settings on the RichAI script itself won’t.

What’s up with that?


The funnel simplification settings actually do not modify the path of the agent for most navmeshes.
It does improve it when the navmesh has vertices which are not on the border of the mesh, like when using a tiled recast graph. If all vertices are on the border of the navmesh, it won’t affect anything, possibly it can find a shorter path in some situations, but that is quite rare.

The RichAI does not calculate the whole path at once, it only finds the next corner to walk towards, if you check DrawGizmos on the RichAI component you will see a blue line.

It should not throw StackOverflowException, that is definitely a bug.
Do you have a reproducible case for it?

I did yes, I have just updated to the new point release of Unity and will check again but I will have to get some time to trim the project down to send to you. Making an international move in 2 weeks so things are hectic.

Not happening anymore