RichAI endReachedDistance


Is there any problem at endReachedDistance of RichAI?
It is trying to go to pivot of target, even for non zero endReachedDistance values.

On the other side this feature is working correctly for AIPath.


The AIPath script has an option called ‘whenCloseToDestination’ which toggles between it stopping as soon as it comes within ‘end reached distance’ units from the destination and it wanting to continue all the way. Currently the RichAI script does not have this option yet.

Thanks for answering and that great script Aron.

Is there any date whenCloseToDestination feature for RichAI or it is in the to do list?

Otherwise I will need to write it maybe you can give me some tips for that :slight_smile:


No date at the moment.
The ‘Stop’ mode is almost equivalent to this code running in another script though:

void Update () {
     ai.isStopped = ai.reachedEndOfPath;


It looks like you deleted your post for whatever reason. You might be interested to know that in my dev build the RichAI does have the whenCloseToDestination field now. So I would expect it to be included in the next update or next beta.