RichAI agents shoved off recast graph by RVOController get stuck

Just starting using the A* project a few weeks ago.

I’ve got a bunch of agents moving around a recast graph just fine. Each agent has an RVOController for local avoidance. The agents avoid each other just great, but occasionally one of the agents will get pushed off of the recast graph and get stuck.

While stuck the agent will rotate in place to face the next graph node they want to move towards, but they don’t actually move. After debugging RichAI and RVOController it appears that the agent is getting a velocity applied to them.

I’ve tried messing around with properties on the recast graph, RVOSimulator, RVOController, and RichAI but haven’t found anything to keep agents from being bumped off.

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?



Hm, I’m not sure why they would get stuck, are you seeing any error messages?
Anyway, one way to make them stick to the navmesh a bit better is to attach the RVONavmesh to a single object somewhere in your scene (just a single component per scene). That will add RVO obstacles around the navmesh border. Note however that that script does not take graph updates into account in the current version.