Rich AI Steering Target - unexpected result

My RichAI Steering target doesn’t seem right. The sphere on the left is the steering target, which doesn’t seem to be the next corner of the path of the agent on the right.

Is there any explanation as to why this is the case?


There does seem to be line of sight between the agent and that steering target (from what I can see in the screenshot at least). The RichAI simplifies its path when it follows it, and one of the things it tires is to do a line of sight check to the end of the path to see if it can just walk in a straight line.


So it ignores any ground tagged as non traversable (in the seeker component) when doing this line of sight check? Is there a way to disable the line of sight check and keep the funneling algo? In this case there is a door in the way, but it is not rasterized and is not part of the ground mask, so I imagine the layer mask of the raycast does not hit it.



I think it may not do the tag check in the current version, I’m afraid. However, in the beta version it does consider tags when doing the line of sight checks. You could try that out if you want.