Rich AI Attack Range & Rotation

I’m trying to get Rich AI to mimic similar controls to regular ARPGs/MOBAs. The idea is clicking on another character the agent will move towards it if it’s outside of it’s attack range until it’s close enough to attack them. I believe 'End Reached Distance' is the behaviour I want however I noticed that 'When Close to Destination' option is not available on RichAI The image on the docs shows that it is an option but the text docs don’t mention it. So the option really doesn’t do anything

At the moment I’ve opted to just add ai.isStopped = ai.reachedEndOfPath; in the update method, which gets the behaviour I want however it’s not exactly what I’m looking for as agent will no longer rotate, e.g. if the player is within attack range I still want them to rotate towards the enemy and not just keep facing the original rotation. I’ve tried using SimulateRotationTowards followed up setting rotation directly on the agent and even using FinalizeMovement but the rotation is very jittery and buggy.

Whats the best way of handling this behaviour?