[RESOLVED] Recast Graph Generation and Splatmaps

Hi There!

We’re using the Recast Graph (A* Pathfinding Project Pro) to generate a walkable navmesh for our AI. At the moment, we’re only rasterizing the terrain, no other meshes.

Whenever we scan to create the Recast graph we notice there are holes in the created navmesh. After doing a bit of research, it appears the holes coincide with our second splatMap (we have two splatMaps as our terrain is made up of 5 layers and Unity only stores 4 layers per splatmap).

It seems, as best I can tell, that the 5th layer (held in the second splat map) is being used to mask the heightmap during Recast Graph Generation. This isn’t desired behavior.

How do we make sure the second splatmap does not effect the Recast Graph generation? Additionally, how can we specify a splatmap that we DO want to effect the Recast Graph should we decide to do so for penalty calculations?


P.S. there is also areas showing terrain due to z-fighting. Ignore that. The area in the front of the camera with the “stone” texture is the important part.

I just wanted to quickly reply that what I was seeing was an illusory correlation. I dug into the source code and confirmed it wasn’t using any of the layer data.

It appears that the tools I used to procedurally create the terrain used information to determine when/where the rock layer should be. This just so happened to also be where the Recast graph was having trouble building the mesh. Once I reduced the cell size it was able to build it fine.