Replicating 'moving' nodeLink in Beta

I’m looking to replicate the functionality (before upgrading to the Beta) where I had the ‘end’ node of nodelink2’s refreshed as they move every so often via the Point Graph. The start is attached to a recast graph (for a moving vehicle), and the other is linked to the world itself.

  1. I noticed some changes to the NodeLink2 script. Is there any reason this shouldn’t work in the new paradigm?

  2. I was hoping to switch over to the FollowerEntity script but, assuming I still need to use a Point Graph, it states it does not support movement on point graphs at the moment."

Just wondering how I pivot to maintain that functionality.


Node links now automatically update themselves if they are moved.
Node links also don’t use a point graph anymore. Instead, they use an internal LinkGraph, which is not exposed to users.

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