Repeating Grid Graph

Hello, I’ve been a free user for a bit and decided to move up to Pro! Thanks so much for this project!

Thanks for the help, super new here!

Lets say I have a square grid 100 by 100 wrapped on a cylinder which I want to connect each end of the x axis, kind of like the Civ6 map, except the planet is actually cylindrical so x:0 and x:100 nodes are at the same place. I could make my own node system, but I just wanted to check. I’d need the nodes at x:0 to be the ‘same’ as the nodes at x:100, as they would ‘overlap’ in the repeating world.

Is there a way I could make an odd connection like that but keep the memory optimization of the Grid system intact? Does “AddConnection” work here for a grid node and it’s that easy?

The reason for this is I have a spherical planet made of 6 square grid meshes that all overlap where they connect. I need to do this during runtime. I’d love to keep the memory connection optimization of the grid graph since my mesh reflects one but I can’t seem to find a way to do so. Is there a custom way to set the nodes not at the edges to be ‘grid’ nodes and have the exterior ones normal nodes?

Woops, figured it out, it is as easy as node.AddConnection()!

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