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Removing of graph chunks

The object is a large cube, but it has no collider on it and is not tagged as “Ground”. But the path on it is still generated.

Searched the forums, no luck…How to remove those graph bits there?

What are your graph settings?

I switched off “Rastersize Meshes” and switched On “Rastersize Colliders”. But still - the graph is drawn on the area, that is blocked off by other object…

Please show your whole graph settings :slight_smile: I can’t see the relevant stuff from that screenshot.

Sure :slight_smile:


…nothing else was changed

You are still missing the part about the masks in the recast graph settings :stuck_out_tongue:

If I add the Tag “Ground” there, nothing changes…


So I can see that the layer mask on the recast graph is set to “Everything”, so all colliders will be included.
I can also see that your box has a collider because I can see the green outline it has (which indicates a collider). So you need to change either of those :slight_smile:

Emm. The Collider is off:

And the result is the same even if I specify the layer:

… but now your screenshot is different from the one you originally posted. There is no navmesh on top of the cube now. Wasn’t that what you wanted?

Thing is, even if I can remove the graph from Cube itself, the path from different object, that is blocked by the Cube, still generates and causing errors in the movement. I colored in the bit, that is inside the Cube and still is generated.

Ah, so you want the box to be included in the scanning process, but you don’t want a surface to be generated on it.
In that case you can add the RecastMeshObj component to the box and mark the surface as unwalkable.

Oh, no!

That box there in the first place is just for one purpose - not to let graph be generated on the part of a main Object, on which the graph should be generated. Obviously it does not work… :slight_smile: I wanted to block that space out, but the graph is there nevertheless.

Yes, so what I’m saying is that you can attach the RecastMeshObj component to that box and configure it so that its surface is unwalkable. That will make the recast graph just not generate anything inside of it or on top of it.

Note however that in the non-beta version colliders are not solid. So if the character has enough room to stand inside of them it will generate a navmesh there. In the beta version colliders are treated as solid by default however.

Looks like this is the issue. I will try to replace one Cube with, I don’t know… ten - we’ll see ho that works.

Yeah… that won’t be a solution, heh.

If that is the case, then extra work in Blender - creating separate objects just for walkable bits.


You can alternatively use the NavmeshCut component to remove a part of the navmesh.

Naaah. Graph is still generated there.

I put that component on actual Terrain Object, as well as onto “blocking cube” for a good measure - in both cases nada.

It’s runtime only, so make sure you start the game to see the results.

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