Regarding rvo stability

This has been happening every time I start up the example rvo scene without even changing the destination for the default one.
And if I do, it’s still a high chance it happens. I have used the library on two different occasions with RVO, this happening every time, in avoiding other agents, they go to an area outside the navmesh, blocking themselves, do you have any suggestions? Somehow to put priority on navmesh first and avoiding agents after or?


Which version are you using? That looks suspiciously like a bug in a previous version where walls on the navmesh would keep agents outside the navmesh instead of inside of it. Try upgrading to 4.1.10 (

the latest version on asset store is 4.0.11, I am going to assume 4.1.10 is beta? Edit: yes I can report that with 4.1.10 it doesn’t happen.


The latest release is 4.1.10, I am soon going to update the Asset Store version as well, but that takes some extra time.