Recommended setup for multiple unit types (i.e. airborne/ land based)

Does anybody have a recommendation on a setup that works with multiple unit types operating at different heights. Initially I assumed that I need to have a separate graph for each unit type…then somehow…I would need to be able to select which one I want to query a path from. My setup so far has had only one unit type and a grid graph, I have used the “seeker” with my own movement controller.

I have the same question too.

I used to use RAIN AI plugin, it can have 2 different navmesh for air unit and land unit.

Now I use A* pathfinding due to it have many awesome features. But it has some problem in air/land question.

I implemented the solution that I had in mind above, it was very easy. So basically adding a secondary graph and in my units I can specify which graph to ask for a path from. So with the built in seeker hooked up to my own code it looks like this:

_seeker.StartPath(this.transform.position, _currentTargetPosition, OnReceivedPath, astarGraphNumber);

That’s exactly the solution you should use.

Just for clarification for other users who see this post. The astarGraphNumber mentioned above is not just an index, it is a bitmask. So every bit in the number indicates if graph number i should be searched.

See for some examples.