Recomendation: Multiple small grids linked, or one big grid?

I know there’s a way to link grid graphs together but was just wondering what benefits/trade-offs you’d get by doing one vs the other.

recently I did a game using a 250x250 grid would it perform better 5x5 50x50 grids instead and then linked them? Is there a benefit at all?


One big grid is better in almost every way.

I assume that is as long as memory isn’t a concern hahaha I’d guess a 8000x8000 map would be A) probably pretty overkill and B) use lots of memory. Good to know, that makes sense. Just had to ask the question in case there was some benefit.

8000x8000 is huge. That’s 64 million nodes. Even if every node only used one integer that would be a quarter of a gigabyte of ram… and the nodes use a lot more than one integer per node.

Hahaha I didn’t think that far I was exaggerating cause I knew that it would be wild! You’re right though that is insanely huge! Anyway thanks for answering my question!

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