Recast settings - how to work out what is best for my game world?

So the recast has a lot more settings than Unity’s so a lot of this i don’t fully understand what they do namely these following settings:

Cell size, cell height
Max Edge length/error
Tile size

I tinker with the settings a lot to get different nav mesh results, but how do i know what is most optimal ? Is there a sort of logic to determining what i should aiming for here =/ I took a lot of this for granted with Unity’s so i have no idea what is best.


For cell size: see this page (at the bottom).
In Unity this value is named ‘Voxel Size’ and can be set under the advanced settings.
Also see the documentation [here] ( which contains an animated gif.
For cell height: just set it to 0.01 or 0.001. That setting will be removed in the future (it is already removed in my local dev version) because the value can be calculated automatically in pretty much all cases.
Max Edge Simplification Error: See this page for a nice animation.
For Max Edge Length: Documentation can be found here essentially it will constrain the lengths of the sides of the triangles where possible in order to avoid creating very large triangles (which can be bad for path quality). However don’t reduce it too much since that may lead to very thin triangles which is also not very good for path quality. The best triangles are roughly equilateral ones.

Tile size. That’s mostly relevant if you are using navmesh cutting. When the navmesh has been generated you will see that it has been divided into tiles. When navmesh cutting is used and a navmesh cut is moved, only the tiles that contained it need to be updated, which can improve performance. It can also be used to prevent very large triangles to be created (very large triangles can be bad for path quality as pathfinding is done using only the centers of the triangles). Values between 128 and 512 are common. I would not recommend a value below 64 as then the overhead from having so many tiles will probably overshadow the positive impact of them.